Fall Photo Roundup

December 14, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

For those who follow my photography, you may have noticed a decrease in social media posts. However, that does’t mean I haven’t been out and about capturing images from some of my favorite local areas. I have not had a chance to travel north since early October and I’m not sure when I’ll have another chance. But in the meantime I have really enjoyed revisiting some local areas and trying to capture new and better images from those places than I have in years past. Life has been busy enough that I have found myself behind on editing as well as behind on posting, so I thought that I would do a little update showcasing some of the images I’ve gotten out to capture this fall that may not make it onto Facebook or Instagram anytime soon. Enjoy!

Crex Meadows

I took a day to visit Crex Meadows to watch the sandhill crane migration. It’s an incredible spectacle and I would encourage everyone to visit this area at least once to witness the thousands of cranes that stop over during their migration. Make sure you stay until sunset when the cranes fly in to roost for the night. Thousands fly in from the surrounding farm fields and their call fills the air from every direction.

DSC08795DSC08795Sandhill cranes, Crex Meadows, WI

DSC08812DSC08812Sandhill cranes, Crex Meadows, WI

DSC09094DSC09094Sandhill cranes, Crex Meadows, WI

DSC08985DSC08985Sandhill cranes, Crex Meadows, WI

DSC08702DSC08702Sandhill cranes, Crex Meadows, WI

DSC08789DSC08789Sandhill cranes, Crex Meadows, WI

Whitetail Deer

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with a local whitetail deer herd. There are a few sizable bucks around, but my favorite has to be this guy (see first two photos). He’s a handsome 8-pointer with a wide, symmetrical rack. This is the third year in a row I’ve photographed him and while he’s still impressive, he seems to be on the tail end of his prime years. There are couple of other impressive bucks that were quite active during the rut and I was thrilled to be able to capture so many pictures this fall of these big guys.  DSC09886DSC09886White tailed buck, Minnesota River Valley


DSC00086DSC00086White tailed buck, Minnesota River Valley

DSC01122DSC01122White tailed buck, Brooklyn Park, MN

DSC00834DSC00834White tailed buck, Minnesota River Valley

DSC09535DSC09535White tailed buck, Minnesota River Valley


Once the leaves drop off the trees, it’s owl season (although I did manage to snap one picture of a barred owl with a backdrop of fall colors). This season has started off with sightings of four different owl species including barred, great horned, long eared, and eastern screech owls both with gray and red plumage. I hope to add to this number with some trips up north, but it’s been fun seeing a variety of owls so early in the season.

DSC04998DSC04998Long eared owl, Minnesota


DSC03656DSC03656Red morph screech owl, Minneapolis, MN

DSC03822DSC03822Gray morth eastern screech owl, Minneapolis, MN

DSC01067DSC01067Long eared owl, Minnesota

Fall Colors

And finally, I did manage two trips up north around the end of September and early October for fall colors and moose. I almost struck out on moose, but our last morning we saw five within about 20 minutes! Unfortunately, both trips had a significant amount of rain and clouds, but we  still managed to capture some moody shots and were treated to a nice sunset at Split Rock Lighthouse before heading back to the cities. 

DSC07391-PanoDSC07391-PanoSplit Rock Lighthouse State Park, Minnesota

DSC07679DSC07679Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Minnesota

DSC06749-PanoDSC06749-PanoCaribou Rock overlook, Gunflint Trail

DSC07035DSC07035Cow moose, Gunflint Trail

DSC06993DSC06993Cow moose, Gunflint Trail

DSC07004DSC07004Bull moose, Gunflint Trail

DSC04890DSC04890Mt. Oberg, Lutsen, MN

DSC06399DSC06399Palisade Head, Minnesota

It’s been a great fall and I’m excited for us to roll into winter. I am hoping for a few trips up north for some snowy shots of Lake Superior, great gray owls, and of course... moose. As always, thanks for following along and taking the time to read these posts!



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