Thank you for visiting my website. I am excited to have a platform on which to share photographs that have been meaningful to me. I am a photographer and videographer based out of Minnesota. My favorite subject to photograph is wildlife. Places such as Yellowstone National Park have captured my imagination since my first visit in 2011. I have since made six trips to the park and every time I feel as though there is a new experience that awaits me. Since I am based out of Minnesota, I don't get to visit places like Yellowstone as often as I would like, but over the past year I have discovered a renewed love for my state and its vast wilderness. Wildlife encounters are not as easy to come by, but that creates a sense of mystery as I feel like I have yet to unlock all that this state has to offer.


In my galleries there are photographs from the east coast to the west coast, Canada, and Europe. I have had the privilege to travel more than usual over the past few years and have experienced more of this country than I ever anticipated I would. Photographs range from the Everglades to the Appalachian mountains. From the Rocky Mountains to the forests of Minnesota. And while my passion for photography is most clearly expressed through engaging with nature and wildlife, I find myself taking advantage of every trip to stretch myself as a photographer in new environments. This has led to sunsets over the Manhattan skyline and sunrises on Florida beaches. As a result my portfolio is varied and I hope it has something for everyone.


In addition to photography, I am a wedding videographer! It is an honor to be trusted by a couple to capture their special day. I have learned so much about video through capturing weddings. It is a fast-paced environment where you get one chance to get the shot you need.